Specification Development
The first step in our representation will be a visit to your facility. In meetings with the hiring official and key persons who will interface with the person that we seek, we will develop a thorough specification and position description. Our visit will allow us to gain a feel for the corporate culture within which the new hire will be required to function. During this visit we will set mutually agreeable time and methods parameters for the conduct of the search.

Our research is quite systematic and begins with the analysis of a substantial database of the careers of professionals within the packaging and printing industry. It is from this data base and additional cold recruiting that we will develop a preliminary target list. In reviewing the target list with you we will have the opportunity to seek your input as to the relevance and desirability of the potential candidates we will be approaching on your behalf.

Each potential candidate will be discreetly and professionally approached by the search consultant who will compile a list of those expressing interest. A review of the credentials of each candidate will determine those selected for Extended Telephone Interview (ETI). The objective of the ETI is to evaluate viability of hire and thus to select a short list worthy of interviewing.


Prior to the presentation of candidates a complete background investigation will be conducted. While we feel it is important to identify any anomalies in a candidate’s background (Driving Record, Credit History, Criminal Record, Academic Credential Verification, Employment History and Professional References) the use of an external investigative firm provides an independent assessment while limiting client liability.


You will be provided with regular status reports that will keep you abreast of our activities on your behalf throughout the progress of the search. Upon presentation of a candidate you will receive a full dossier on each candidate to include: Resume, College Transcripts, Published Articles, Background Investigation and an Interview Evaluation Report.


Prior to interviewing with you each candidate will receive a full briefing plus your company literature, a local Chamber of Commerce pack, an ACCRA cost of living differential study and copies of your local newspapers.


Upon your selection of a final candidate, we will represent you in negotiating a mutually acceptable compensation and relocation package. In addition we will assist the individual and their family to assure a smooth transition